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Duncan family
Fun with our livestock guardian puppy


Our farm has been in my family for four generations. Established by my great grandfather in 1921, Colpitts Ranches was once a renowned source of silver fox pelts, and for 90 years, a thriving dairy farm producing milk for the city of Calgary, including the family's "Model Milk" dairies. From 2009 to 2019 the farm produced a mix of Angus crossbreed cattle, grass-legume hay and annual crops. 

After I married Angus, who grew up on a sheep farm in the Scottish Highlands, we left our respective careers in the natural sciences and returned to the farm to raise our family and work toward taking over management from my parents, with our own vision in mind. With the creation of Elbow Valley Farm in 2019, we are proud to bring this historic farm into its second century.

We are inspired by regenerative agricultural practices aimed at building topsoil, enhancing biodiversity and letting our animals graze naturally, year-round. Through gentle handling and with the lush pasture of the Elbow River Valley we aim to produce the finest grass-fed beef and lamb, right on Calgary's doorstep. We are forever grateful to our customers, supporters and those who came before us for the opportunity to farm and steward this land. 

 Lindsay Duncan

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