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Elbow River Valley


This farm’s history of land stewardship has maintained it as a refuge for wild orchids, pileated woodpeckers, large carnivores and countless other native flora and fauna, despite increasing development in surrounding areas. Our pastures and hay fields provide valuable wildlife habitat and we have set aside hundreds of acres of environmentally sensitive areas, which we do not graze or otherwise farm. 


With our current transition toward regenerative agriculture, we aim to take our commitment to the land a step further. By increasing the farm's perennial landcover and carefully managing grazing in a way that promotes soil health, we hope to increase our land’s ability to capture carbon in the coming years. We believe livestock can be raised in a way that benefits both land and climate.


We would like to thank the Ducks Unlimited Forage Program and The Canadian Agricultural Partnership Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change Program for their support in helping us achieve our land stewardship goals.  

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