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From grass to beef






Our Grass Fed & Finished Beef is sold by the 1/4, 1/2 or whole cow. This year (2024) reservations will open in June and pick ups will be scheduled in August and September. Beef is priced by hanging weight (the weight of the carcass before it is dry-aged, cut and vacuum packed). This year's price per pound will be determined before reservations open. All butchering fees will be included in this price. Organ meats can be added to your order for an additional fee. Processing will be at a local family-owned and Provincially Inspected facility. Sizes vary but when you order a 1/4 beef, expect to receive about 130 to 155lbs of vacuum-packed frozen meat.

At Elbow Valley Farm we do a lot of home cooking and our family of four gets through about 1/4 of beef per year. Larger families or those who do a lot of hosting may get through more.

Grass Fed & Finished Lamb is sold by the whole lamb. Reservations will open in August and meat pick ups will be in late October. Lamb prices for this year will be determined before reservations open. All standard butchering fees are included in the price. However, if you would like to upgrade your packaging from brown butcher paper to vacuum packaging, there will be an additional charge of $0.75/lb. 

Now that we have our homegrown lamb in the freezer, we include it in a lot more meals than we used to, and each year we get through 1 lamb and about 20 lbs of mutton.


Grass Fed Mutton is sold by the pound as ground or stew meat and will be available for pick-up at the same time as our lamb. Mutton is priced at $10/lb of finished product.

*If you would like to be placed on our customer list so you can find out as soon as our meat reservations open each year, please send us your contact info (we promise not to send you anything else!). We have limited quantities available this year. If you are not able to secure a share please keep us in mind for next year! As we grow our business, our skills and our herd sizes, we plan to have more available and hope it will be worth the wait.


The wool for our yarn is produced entirely by our small flock of Icelandic sheep and processed at a small local fiber mill. Yarn is worsted weight with a rustic texture and comes in three natural colours (no dyes). Each skein is approximately 100g and 125yd and sells for $20, including GST. We have yet to create an online store, so for now please just call or email to arrange a time to pick up on the farm (we're basically always here) or request shipping at standard Canada Post rates. 

Brown yarn
Charcoal yarn
Gray yarn


We sell raw fleeces from our flock, skirted and unwashed, for hand-spinning and other endeavours. Currently we have a wide selection of pure Icelandic fleeces as well as some Icelandic x Blue-Faced Leicester fleeces available. All have very low VM (very few bits of grass or hay). Fleeces are sold by the sheep (each sheep produces one fleece, which we sell as a unit) and are priced by the pound. Lambs produce the softest fleeces (priced at $25/lb), when compared to adult sheep (priced at $5 to $20/pound). Please get in touch for more photos and details. 

Raw Icelandic wool


Selling skulls provides us with another way to more fully use and honour our animals when we harvest them for meat. Find a home for one on a bookshelf, above a door, in your garden...


We have four skulls currently available ($125 each). All are from Icelandic ram lambs, humanely harvested for meat. We have yet to create an online store, so for now please just call or email to arrange a time to pick up on the farm or request shipping at standard Canada Post rates. 

Ram lamb skulls
Ram lamb skull
Ram lamb skull without horn sheaths





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