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We raise Icelandic sheep, a heritage breed that is hardy and well-suited to Alberta’s climate. Due to their smaller frame and large rumen (gut), they are also a great match for grass-finishing in our short growing season. We breed our ewes seasonally, producing spring lambs that are raised on pasture, grass hay and their mothers’ milk, to produce a gourmet, delicately flavoured meat. Icelandic sheep are also renowned for their wool, growing beautiful fleeces in a variety of natural colours and patterns.


We sell our best lambs - demonstrating superior growth, vigour and conformation - as breeding stock to others who want to include Icelandic sheep on their farm or homestead. Our genetics are sourced from Tideview Farm, BC and Ferme Le Biscornu, QC and pedigrees can be found on the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation website:  

Please contact us to be placed on our waitlist for breeding stock. We lamb in May and contact prospective customers in June each year, in the order in which they contacted us. At this time lambs may be selected in person or remotely, and reserved with a deposit, for pick-up in July or August. Our 2022 breeding stock prices are $500 for purebred registered stock and $450 for purebred unregistered stock.  

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